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What our clients say...

"Let me start by saying -- I have had five different interior designers for our homes in the Pacific Northwest.  Not one of these designers has had the talent, experienced eye for detail, fresh new ideas, capable of seeing an empty room furnished top to bottom like Carol Ellis.  She is hard working, honest, intelligent & very pleasant to work with.  Carol respects the budget set by the client for the design work contracted.  This is a huge plus!  We have completed two homes with Carol's design guidance!"

 --David and Claudia, Pacific Northwest.

"Carol put me at ease.  Other designers didn't make me feel confident about my budget--Carol did.  She has a true gift with both color selection and interior styling and has saved me major mistakes.  She has been wonderful at re-mixing our existing furnishings, art and accessories in new ways.  She is a great joy to be around and works as a team!"
 --Byron and Sandy, Eugene, Oregon.

"Carol is well informed, proactive, flexible and experienced!  She has speedy answers and we were able to move ahead with our design process without wasting time."
 --Susan, Eugene, Oregon.

"Carol is very thorough and detailed.  She listened to us and we trusted her on her ideas and concepts.  Overall, we love the way our remodel turned out.  We got what we wanted and more."
 --Bob and Sandra, Scottsdale, Arizona.

"Our overall impression of Carol is outstanding! We love her work and her professionalism.  She has improved the overall appearance of our home and I continually receive compliments."
  --Mike and Elainna, Scottsdale, Arizona.

When my husband and I moved to Scottsdale, we decided to downsize our home.  After living in Texas, Oregon, and Illinois – we had a mixture of furniture and accessories accumulated over 30 years of marriage.  After spending about a year sorting through things, selling, consigning, and contributing to charities, families, and friends  -- we didn’t know where to turn.  Carol was referred to us through the woman installing our window coverings who had worked with former satisfied clients of Carol’s.

We had prepared a list of items we thought we wanted.  Instead of beginning the process by just purchasing the specific items on the list, Carol suggested that she begin the process by spending some time with us – walking through our home, room by room, and discussing with us what we planned to do in our home and in each room.  The discussion included what we would do as a couple and what we would do individually  -- and why we weren’t able to do it now.

After working with Carol, we now love our home and use all the space – instead of just a few rooms.  She has helped make the home functional and enjoyable for both of us. She has great flair and was a lot of fun to work with.  She saved us a lot of time not only because of her interior design knowledge – but because she has access to good resources in the Valley.  Since we were working with a two-phased timeline and a budget, she helped us prioritize and make decisions on where we should best spend our money.   Thanks Carol!
--Doyle and Judy, Eugene, Oregon and Scottsdale, Arizona.