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Our interior design packages allow you to select the level of interior design assistance for your home design challenges. Each package outlines interior design service options to meet your needs.


VIP Complete Home Makeover Package 
For the busy homeowner who is ready to make an investment in their complete home , tackle their home decorating challenges and take the design of their home to the next level.  Carol Ellis, Interior Designer, will lead you through the process of turning your home into a place you can relax and enjoy, entertain guests and be proud to own.  Together we review areas in your home that are causing you dissatisfaction and discuss design ideas and color options that are more satisfying to you.  We develop a plan which works with your timeline and budget to bring your interior design vision to reality.  Then we take action so that you achieve the fabulous living environment you desire.  All accomplished without frustration, stress and overwhelm.


Refresh My Room Design Package

This package is for the homeowner who is ready to upgrade their home a room at a time or is new to the idea of using an interior designer.  If your interiors feel stale and tired and you do not have the budget to upgrade the complete home – then this package is for you.  Carol will work with you to upgrade a room at a time as your budget allows and you become comfortable with the process.  Together you will review decorating ideas to overcome your home remodeling challenges


Give Me Confidence Design Package

For the do it yourself client, who wants the advice of an interior designer, but is interested in accomplishing the details themselves, this is the perfect solution for you.  Together you and Carol will review your current home design and review ideas to assist you with your home makeover.  This package will give you the confirmation that you are making the right home remodeling decisions!

New Construction Reduce My Stress Package

Building a new home can be a daunting task when you consider all of the interior design decisions you will be making.  This package removes the stress that is keeping you up at night, as Carol, your personal interior designer leads you through the all of the interior and exterior design, finish and fixture decisions to bring your interior design ideas, dreams and desires to reality.  Carol will communicate with you and your builder to assist you through the complete home interior design process without stress and overwhelm. 


Some of the many decisions include exterior roofing, siding, stone, doors, windows, hardware, lighting, and patio finish.  Interior decisions include lighting design and switching, kitchen and bathroom cabinet design, style and finish, counter tops and tile, solid and soft surface flooring, lighting and switching, doors, hardware and base moulding, paint and locations, appliances and plumbing,  fireplace and entertainment unit design.  These decisions don’t have to be overwhelming with the close informational guidance you will receive to bring your decorating ideas to reality.


Remodeling Reduce My Stress Package

Home remodeling is a fun and exciting process, until the remodel project you are living in comes to a halt because you cannot decide which finish to chose.  This package allows you to finalize your design decisions, before the home remodeling project begins so your contractor can complete your home as quickly as possible without delays.  And of course, if you are in the middle of your remodel project and it has come to a halt, Carol will be there to assist you with your design questions.

One Day makeover Package
This interior decoration package is for the homeowner who already has great furniture, art and accessories or does not have the budget to purchase new furnishings. Carol will assist you for a day in rearranging the furnishings, art, plants and accessories in your home so that your environment is updated. This is an amazing way to refresh and energize your home and bring your decorating ideas to reality.

Window Treatments Package
For the homeowner who is tired of looking at unstylish, unfinished or uncovered windows.  Carol will lead you through the decision making process as to the type, style, design, color and fabrics for your window treatment challenges.  All of the coordination for site measurement, ordering and installation will be handled for you and the interior decoration of your home will be complete!

Complete Furnishings Package
This package is for the homeowner who is relocating into the area or into a new home and needs an interior designer to assist with existing or a complete home of furnishings.  This is a great way to complete your interior decoration challenges.  Whether you are relocating into a new home or wanting to upgrade your existing home we work personally with you to finalize the furnishing selections for your home.

Accessorizing Package
This package is for the homeowner who has all of their furnishings but is lacking the finishing interior design accents including plants, art and accessories or has accessories and needs them properly placed.  Carol will work with you to rearrange your existing accessories or to purchase new accessories and then place them within your home so that your living environment is interesting and unique.  This is a great package to combine with the Interior Color Consultation Package.  After your home is painted, we reinstall all of your art and accessories.

Snow Bird Plant Package
Are you tired of your plants dying while you are at your vacation home?  This package is for the homeowner what desires fabulous interior plants and who spends the winter in the sun away from their primary residence.  Let us replace your drab looking plants with fabulous preserved trees, grasses and silk plants to complete your interior plant environment.  No watering necessary and the look is fabulous!  Of course, if you do not have a green thumb this package is a wonderful option for you also!
Interior Color Consultation Package
Allow us to take the guesswork out of paint colors for you and assist you to complete your personal color palette ideas.  Together we work with you to review large paint samples within your home, reviewing the color, lightness or darkness and effect of reflected light, to locate colors that you enjoy living in and set the perfect back drop for your furnishings.  Colors can be selected a room at a time or for the complete home.  At the end of the session you are provided paint cuttings and instructions to give to your painter to complete your project.  This is a great package to combine with the Accessorizing Package.  After your home is painted, we reinstall all of your art and accessories.

Exterior Color Consultation Package

Increase the curb appeal of your home by upgrading it to a more sophisticated color combination. Together we work with you to review large paint samples on the exterior of your home to achieve a fabulous color palette which will increase the curb appeal. At the end of the session you are provided with paint cuttings and instructions for to give to your painter to complete your project.

Upgrade My Interior Lighting and Fans Package

If your builder skimped on your lighting and you are living in the dark, this package is for you. Together we evaluate the lighting in your home after the sun goes down to review your lighting needs. Also, the decorative lighting and fans in your home are like the jewelry of the project. If this jewelry doesn’t reflect your style there are many options and styles to choose from to meet all budgets.    Review our blog on this topic:  "Designer Lighting: Tips to Solve Your Lighting Design Challenges." 

We look forward to speaking with you!  Contact Carol Ellis at 541-556-7620 or
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